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The Internet Address For Africa sub domain names provide a brand new “Real Estate” on the Internet that represents the whole 54 countries of Africa in one space. Africans and global citizens of the world can capitalise on a rapidly emerging continent of over 1 billion by taking advantage of new short, generic and marketable domain names to get their businesses online. is the fastest growing Africa-related website, with millions of page views per month from visitors in over 200 countries throughout the world.

Easy to register domain names are fast; simple, restriction-free registration process takes only minutes and let you access customers in a continent of 1 Billion people with one address space.

Good value for money - get 54 countries in one price. domain name is a one stop shop for establishing an online identity and growing your business online.

The .COM for Africa

With domain names, you combine unmatched visibility, stability, security and reliability of .com with the keyword Africa, that describe the fastest growing economies of the world with Africa’s One Billion citizens.

Multiple Markets

Available for corporations and trademark owners, SMEs, online businesses, bloggers, email and domain entrepreneurs.